The oldest part of Rotterdam - Delfshaven in black and white

Delfshaven is a part of Rotterdam on the right side of river Maas, the Netherlands. Until 1886 it was a separate municipality. This little town grew around the port of the city of Delft. Since Delft was not located on a major river, in 1389 a harbor was created around 10 km south of the city.

In the 17th century the Pilgrim fathers left Delfshaven with “the Speedwell” to accompany “the Mayflower”. But according to some historical notes this ship never made it to the New World, it was either sold or returned to Holland.

Fishing, shipbuilding, and the distillery of jenever were the main sources of income. Until 1811, Delfshaven belonged to the city and municipality of Delft and it was annexed to Rotterdam in 1886 at its own request.

Delfshaven escaped the bombing of Rotterdam on May 14, 1940. And therefore, it is one of the oldest parts of Rotterdam that you can find today. 

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