Modern, native, and at the same time so unrecognizable Kiev. Recent May trip to Kiev.

To be an expat is an exciting way of life that has, like everything else, its side effects. In my case I see and feel these side effects when I am going to my native town in Ukraine - Kiev. When I left it many years ago, I thought I knew it inside out and it always will stay this way. However, as all the big cities of the world, Kiev is ever-changing creature that is unrecognizable each time I am coming back... It is sad on one side that I am a "fake" Kievite now (I am asking for directions and don't know names of the streets anymore) but at the same time it's exciting to see my city grow and modernize.

The historical part of Kiev is all about monuments, some dated back to Kievan Rus, and are more of religious character. I always take photos of beloved St. Sofia Cathedral, renewed St. Michael Monastery, and St. Andrew’s Church. This time around I visited a newly-built memorial park next to Azerbaijani embassy with unbelievably beautiful cascading fountain in the form of a carpet. It is all  made of small pieces of mosaic. Very impressive, and the place itself is nice to visit, sit, and relax. As always in my country, everything is under cameras' supervision so no one is taking some plants or parts of the equipment home :-)

And then there is this a bit enigmatic place for me. Located at the foot of the hill where St. Andrew’s church is, it is historically called Gonchary-Kozhemyaki, or the new name of this development is Vozdvizhenka. They started to build Vozdvizhenka in the beginning of 2000 and imaging that - it is still not finished and what is finished - not populated... It is the majority that is completed... My question is why people don't live there?! It is like a beautiful ghost town! It didn't take me long to find an answer by searching the mighty Internet - it is the place for millionaires who want to experience some Ukrainian extreme service and quality of building materials. You can buy a place here - 1 sq m will cost you from $ 3 500 and for this price you will get old piping that is not working for the most part, cheap building materials that deteriorate super fast, flooded basements, etc., etc., etc... How sad...    

And my last photo of this article is about Christian Orthodox Easter that this year was later, on the 5th of May. We had a warm family gathering with tons of food and sweets. This is our traditional Eater cake and painted eggs.   

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