Berlin - the city with many faces

Meet Berlin - German capital and the largest city in the country: 4.4 million. My overall impression of the city is that it has many faces. With its complicated history, Berlin doesn't fail to reflect it and embrace it all. After the fall of the Wall, Berlin evolved into a cultural mecca. Mostly it is due to the number of young people who populate the city. Musicians and artists were given state subsidies, you can be a student here forever - all this is very attractive for youngsters. 

What is interesting to note is that Berlin's economy is based on high quality research produced by both academia and company-sponsored institutions. 

Well, enough of facts and my comments, I will let my photos bring you around this wonderful city!

Trabi Safari tour

New Synagogue 

The Ampelmännchen is a beloved symbol in Eastern Germany

Preserved wall with bullet holes


Aromatic shadows of the afternoon

The Berlin Cathedral Church or Berliner Dom - old merging with new

Checkpoint Charlie

Abstraction - feeling artistic in Berlin :-)


Funny intersection with some gloomy history 

Areal view - how modern!

Glass dome on the Bundestag 

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Currywurst - great snack while on the go


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