Sochi, Russia - 2014 Winter Olympics city

Not many people might know Sochi - a resort city on the Black Sea in Russia. In 2014 this city will host Winter Olympics at Krasnaya Polyana, mountain region in the vicinity of Sochi. 

Sochi became a fashionable place to come for a vacation during Stalin era. He had his dacha there. After the collapse of the USSR and loss of Crimean peninsula to Ukraine, Sochi emerged as an unofficial summer capital of Russia. 

In this photo tour I want to take you to my favorite places in Sochi. I hope you will enjoy it and open a new side of Caucasian mountains and the Black Sea.  

At Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Tea plantation near the Tea Houses

Tea Houses or Chaynye Domiki

We were treated to Krasnodarskiy tea with yummy hazelnuts, fig and feijoa preserves, and unforgettable buns with poppy seeds!  

Samovar - fancy old-fashion tea kettle 

Typical Russian Khokhloma painting 

My favorite Dymkovo toys, probably because they remind me of my childhood 

 Quite strange rock formation that varies in color and is extremely brittle

Area known as 33 Waterfalls

View of Sochi from Akhun Hill

Krasnaya Polyana - ski resort area

 Sunset over the Black Sea

Sunken ship not far from the coast
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