Provence series: Lavender Route

This summer in Provence I was in search of lavender and everything related to it. The images of endless lavender fields were haunting me and I wanted to have one of my own. Since there was almost no spring across Europe, lavender decided to bloom much later and when I came in June it just started to color the hills of Luberon and Vaucluse plateaus. You can only imagine my disappointment and sadness when I came to those famous sights and saw almost everything just green… 

Nevertheless, it was a spectacular ride from Cassis directly to the North of the region, towards Gordes and its Senanque Abbey and all the way to Sault. I took mountain back roads, saw some sleepy villages on the way, enjoyed small local markets, and marveled at the little towns that sit so naturally on the face of local hills. 

I always loved lavender. It is said that lavender can heal insect bites and burns as well as repel insects, it can give you relieve when you have headaches, and it helps you sleep if you have the flowers by your pillow. Dried lavender is used to repel moths in the closets and lavender oil can help to cure acne. 

Senanque Abbey in Gordes

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