Provence series: Nice or Nice la Belle, France

Nice – who doesn't know this city name?! I guess it is known internationally and over the continents. It is a synonym to luxury vacations, rich people strolling in their white gowns with white hats, yachts gently rocking not far from the shore, expensive cars “surfing” the streets casually, glamorous parties…. Or is it just me who think these clichés about Nice?!  

If you have the same image of Nice in your head – I should disappoint you. Don’t get me wrong – it is a very nice city with beautiful architecture, spectacular beaches with and deep-blue water. But I saw no screaming luxury there. I think Miami has a more promising people watching scene!

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed visiting this place. From the Castle Hill you can enjoy an eagle eye view of the entire city. The old town or Vieille Ville is a nice compact old center with many beautiful buildings, small shops, and boutiques. It feels a bit like a medieval village with narrow streets curving between the houses and appealing restaurants.

Although my visit to Nice was for one day only, I still managed to taste the atmosphere and tried to render it in my photo reportage. Nice – I will be back! 

Colline du Chateau

Massena Square

View form the Castle Hill

View from the Castle Hill on the marina 

Monument aux Morts - honoring the World War I Nice heroes 

The seafront of Nice


The streets of the historical city center 

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